Decision Support System for Selection of Outstanding Students Using the AHP and SAW Methods

Feron Sadana, Yunita Yunita, Desty Rodiah


It is very important for outstanding students to be directed and guided to get coaching related to the development of each student's personal potential so that superior and quality students are created. The process of selecting outstanding students can get wrong decisions because the process of selecting outstanding students is based on subjectivity, this allows many selected outstanding students not to reach the desired standard and do not get the best candidates. Therefore, a decision support system was created that can carry out the calculation process for all selections for the selection of outstanding students. This final project will implement the AHP and SAW methods in forming a system. The stages are carried out by comparing feature weights with the AHP method. Then the next stage is to rank using the SAW method to get selected outstanding students. Of the 72 students who were selected from the school, they were then selected to become 20 outstanding students based on the highest-ranking order. Software testing is done by comparing the results of school calculations with system calculations. Based on the results of the tests carried out, an accuracy value of 80% was obtained.

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